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Branded Solutions

JWI's Branded Solutions help companies make a lasting impression with both internal and external clients.  Client's can quickly search and order branded apparel, giveaways, and other promotional items tailored to their client base.

  • Custom Storefront

  • Turnkey Ordering

  • Customized Packages

  • Market Awareness Solutions

  • Market Education Solutions

Experiential Marketing

Immersive interactions and engagements are still the most effective strategies for communicating with broad groups.  JWI helps company's clearly create awareness and uniqueness while delivering key information about products and services.

  • Interactive Experiences

  • Booths & Exhibits

  • Training & Conferences

  • Educational Video Solutions 

  • Conversational Marketing Solutions

Event Planning & Management Services

When working with JWI, you are working with seasoned senior-level Meeting Professionals. You immediately benefit from JWI’s years of expertise and experience. Our Meeting Managers “own” their meetings—planning every detail on time and in budget with suggestions for creative add-ons, solutions for challenges that may be encountered, personalized management of VIPs, and detailed communications with both participants and clients.

  • Planning & Concepts

  • Stage & Breakout Designs

  • Registration & Guest Mgmt

  • Full AV Production Mgmt

  • Food & Beverage Mgmt

  • Travel & Booking Mgmt

Healthcare Specializations


JWI Marketing Group helps providers and practitioners manage a volatile healthcare market by developing strategic programs that create new channels of interaction and communication with their client's and partners.  

  • Live Surgeon Events

  • Professional Demonstrations

  • Technology & Application Solutions

  • Sales Training & Conferences

  • Market Education & Awareness

  • Product Education & Awareness

  • Product Releases

  • Awards & Galas

Event Marketing


Through promotional events, JWI markets a voice behind the brand, engaging mass audiences tailored to the proper demographics. JWI involves direct interaction with brand representatives to provide an in-person and online presence. 

  • Design & Concepts

  • Guest Research & Data Harvest

  • Event Awareness & Education

  • Digital Footprint Services

  • Registration & Data Capture

  • In-Show Programming

  • Keynote Search & Contracting

  • Celebrity Wrangling


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